Seasons in the Blue Ridge

Life became a little easier as the days grew longer. Food was not so scarce. We worked in the cornfields, the gardens, the potato patches (sweet and Irish) and the bean patches, we grew half-runner, peanut and cornfield beans, but we also had time to go splashing in the swimming hole down by the creek. We fished in the stream for bream, suckers and sun-perch; we flew June bugs on a string, and found time to attend summer vacation Bible school.

Late summer was a vacation from the toil in the fields. Visits were made more freely in summer usually on Sunday afternoons. We rode the sun down to the ground, and life and the living of it, was just slower and easier. We gathered blackberries and strawberries for jelly and jams.

I ran wild through the hills and valleys all summer, I knew where every bird's nest was within two miles of the house, how many eggs in the nest and I watched the young ones as they grew. I grew as they did until I also could almost fly… (for more, see Page 2 - Song of the Enotah)