Song of the Enotah

Enotah Book

Set in the Enotah Valley in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, is a book which fuses mountain and Cherokee lore, short stories, poetry and photographs into a telling of the life of an Appalachian child from Hiawassee who struggled and wrote his way to adulthood.

Logan was born near Hiawassee, Georgia in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He was around 8 years old when electricity came to the Nicholson farm. He lived the tale he shares in his book Song of the Enotah - from the growing of the family's food to his deciphering the religious beliefs of his isolated mountain community. "Song" is a rare blend of quirky and humble, as Logan recounts events starting in the 40s - through the 50s, 60s and continues on to the present. You are given glimpses into the mind of the maker of music - that "knowing" which casts its sounds to the wind, and waits for you to hear - and answer.

"I love it when someone reads "Song of the Enotah" and really 'gets' it. They come back to tell me what it meant to them…and there is instant bonding. Many of the poems were created to entice a response - you need not feel the same way I do - you have your own song. Sing it!"