Giving Full Measure

Logan was born 1941 in the Enotah Valley, several miles outside the town of Hiawassee, Ga., down near the tail end of the Appalachian Mountains. Today he lives in Sarasota, Fl. and often visits the mountains of North Georgia and keeps a home in Towns County. His people were fiercely independent farmers, hunters, and bee-keepers. Logan continues to garden in Florida, growing fruits and vegetables for their table.

After three years in the US Army, the then twenty year old started working in and around Atlanta. He was married and had three children and eight grandchildren. He graduated from Tri-County Community College in Peachtree, NC. He worked for many years at a local weekly newspaper, starting with sports photography and finally becoming editor. He enjoyed his years with the paper and the work with the local Lions Club. He later worked for the Atlanta Athletic Club in Duluth, Ga, and worked for AID Atlanta's "Buddy Program."

Learning to enjoy photography in his newspaper days, he participates in several photo exhibitions each year. He features photos from Georgia, Mexico, China and wherever he finds himself.

Logan says, "I love my life, my children, my partner, and the life we have created - the idea of giving more than we take from this world. I love to share, be it time, talent or just presence. We enjoy getting to know folks as we find them, wherever we find them. I am especially fond of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico."